Summer in South Park: Kara & Cason

This summer marks the third time that I’ve had the opportunity to capture this perfect pair.  I can’t believe how much Cason has grown up in less than a year!  My heart melted approximately 63 times while editing their photos because the love between this mother and son is so genuine and absolutely PRICELESS.  Don’t let that mohawk fool you – this little dude is a mama’s boy through and through.

We had a blast in South Park as Cason explored, collected sticks and rocks, and ran faster than I could keep up.  We covered a lot of ground at the park, our final stop being the lovely playground on Corrigan Road.

The cherry on top of this wonderful evening? The sunset that painted the sky after a dreary, cloudy evening – gorgeous darling, just gorgeous!  I’m so glad the timing worked out so that we were able capture a few shots with that beautiful background.  I can’t wait to see these two again, I’m seriously in awe every time I look back at our first session and see just how much this little guy has grown!